sports fisher


Model: Sports fiske kajak
3 personer
Farve: Olivengrøn
Materiale: UV beskyttet polyethylen
Mål: 315 x 95 cm
Vægt: 27,5 kg
Kapacitet: 250 kg


Incl. 2 stk Pagajer m/ drypringe
Incl. 2 stk Justerbar ryglæn m/lomme
3 stk holder for fiskestang
Integreret fodstøtter
Integreret pagajholdere
Clips til fastlåsning af pagajer på siden
Stropper til fastspænding af bagage
Vandtæt stuverum




Kun 6.445,00 Incl. moms


The sit-on-top Sport Fisher kayak from Lifetime Products is designed for ultimate stability and convenient functionality. The tunnel hull design makes it possible to fish standing up or sitting side-saddle. Lots of awesome built-in features enhance your fishing experience; such as paddle clips and cradles to secure paddle when not in use, three fishing pole holders, a cup holder, and multiple foot wells for leverage when you're reeling in that giant catfish. Front cargo area with shock cord straps, and an interior storage hatch are provided to secure loose items. The lightweight durable plastic construction makes it easy to transport in a truck, SUV, or minivan. Another innovative product from Lifetime that's designed for the way you live.



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